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How can you maintain an aesthetic home while living with dogs?

How can you maintain an aesthetic home while living with dogs?

Living with dogs is undoubtedly a joy since dogs bring so much love and happiness. But it can also be challenging, especially if you want to keep your home looking beautiful and stylish, as dogs can be pretty hard on our furniture and home decor.

But with some planning and effort, it is possible to maintain a beautiful and functional home while living with dogs, and below we have gathered five tips for you.

1. Make sure your dog's interior fits your other furniture and home décor. Place a cushion for your dog in your couch area in a color and fabric that fits your couch. Consider also placing a duvet dog blanket at one of the ends of your couch. Again, keep the duvet dog blanket in a color and fabric that fits your couch. With this take, your couch area can look elegant effortlessly without compromising your dog. Your dog can sit or rest on the sofa, together with the rest of your family, but since your dog sits or relax on the duvet dog blanket, your dog is likely leaving very little to no hair on the couch as its hair will end up on the duvet dog blanket instead. Placing a dog cushion in the same area as your couch also allows your dog to rest a little apart from the rest of the family while still being part of the pack.

2. Use storage solutions in colors and fabrics which match your furniture and décor. For example, place a storage basket in the same organic material as the dog cushion in the living room, where you can keep all the dog's toys. In the hallway, place a storage basket for each family member. You keep your dog's leashes, poop bag holder, harness, wool sweaters, and other dog-related items in your dog's storage basket.

3. Only buy high-quality interiors for your dog. High-quality dog cushions and dog beds look good regardless if there is dog hair on them or you can spot that your dog enjoyed a snack in its dog bed since, aside from all the dog hairs and possible snack traces, the eye still sees it is a high-quality product and notices its soft organic materials, gorgeous colors and beautiful sewing's.

4. Make sure it is easy for you to clean your dog's interior. Even though this is not an action you want to conduct as your dog likely prefers a bit of odor, and you probably come a long way simply by vacuuming your dog's beds and blankets, it is still a need to have the option for you to be able to machine wash your dog's interior.

5. Choose a water bowl that fits into your kitchen and any other room where you serve water to your dog and a water bowl that does not attract limescale. Since your dog likely prefers to have access to water 24/7, an excellent way to accommodate this is to keep fresh water in an accessible water bowl. A water bowl in silicone is a perfect choice for this as silicone water bowls attract little to no limescale, leave no marks on the floor, and can be washed in the dishwasher. 

If you apply the five tips, we believe you will see that you can have an aesthetic home while living with dogs. 

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