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About tadazhi beautiful for you and your dog

tadazhi is a lifestyle brand born out of love for our four-legged family members and their families.

By challenging the conventional way of thinking about dog accessories, we make them beautiful for both of you. Without compromising on the aesthetics in your home, quality or practicality, we give you a way to give yourself and your four-legged family the very best.

We use a timeless design in simple geometric shapes applying beautiful muted colours that reference nature. Our design makes all our products visually appealing, evoking the feeling of effortless elegance and tranquility. Our dog beds, duvet dog blankets, and food bowls are all designed to fit into your home. Our dog bags, collars and leashes are designed to complement you and your dog's look.

It is important to us that we treat our four-legged family as we ourselves wish to be treated. That is why we sew our textile products in organic cotton, to the extent  possible. The organic cotton we use is grown purely without artificial fertilisers and pesticides why it has preserved its natural softness and our customers tell us their dogs simply love our beds and bags.

We know choosing products for our four-legged family member is not all about the look and feel; it also needs to be practical. Therefore, all our products are machine washable, and you can get extra covers for each dog cushion, so you can wash whenever it suits you. 

With tadazhi aesthetics, quality and easy maintenance come together for all family members.

Today the collection consists of an ever-growing assortment of dog accessories, including dog beds, dog carrier bags, food bowls and dog toys. tadazhi products are used by families with four-legged family members in more than 15 countries.

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