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The Organic choice. Lets come closer towards sustainable living.

tadazhi was founded upon a vision of creating beautiful, soft organic products of the highest quality for your dog and your home.
Organic and recycled fabrics combined with a timeless design in muted colors with reference to nature are the core ingredients for us when turning ordinary dog accessories into beautiful home interior and beautiful accessories for our dogs.
It is a strong priority for us to use 100% organic materials for our products or recycled materials.

Organic cotton is grown without artificial fertilizers and pesticides and therefore preserves the health of the soil, nature and people. The use of toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms is prohibited and since organic cotton is not impacted by these harsh chemicals, organic cotton retains its softness, breathability, and super durability.

It is also a strong priority for us that the actual process, from the time the cotton is harvested in the field until the finished product ends up in the shops, take place in an ethical and an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, we have chosen to prioritize to work with manufacturers who are environmentally friendly throughout the chain, securing an organic textile production as well as a safe humane and toxic free working environment.

In other words, go green with us, no chemical substances may be used at any time during production that could endanger the environment and your health. Accordingly, the benefits of using organic cotton versus non-organic cotton are countless, both for you, your four-legged family, and the environment. With this approach we believe we come a little closer to sustainable living.

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