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Make the holiday season a holiday for your dog too

Make the holiday season a holiday for your dog too

We love the Christmas season with its festivities throughout the week and feasts among good friends and family. We know Christmas is different this year, but we don't see how it could be otherwise; it just makes it all the more important to make the most of every moment you get to spend with your dear ones but remember all these festivities could be a bit overwhelming for our dogs.  

If you have friends and family over, consider that your dog might prefer to sit out the rest of the party after the welcome greetings. We always make a couple of nice spots in our house away from the festivities, e.g., by placing our dog's two favorite dog beds away from the festivities, so our dog can enjoy a relaxing nap while the party is going on. When visiting, friends and family we find a nice calm place to let our dog rest away from the festivities in one of our dog's own dog beds or dog duvets which we bring along, or if it makes more sense, we let our dog stay at home. 

However, the smell of delicious festive food will often get the attention of our dog as it is too tempting to ignore. We are very careful about what we serve to our dog and keep other people from throwing treats at our dog too, however good the intention may be. Most Christmas food is too rich and fat for dogs and should not be given, not even as a small treat. Also, chocolate, raisins and grapes are banned food for dogs.

Instead we treat our dog with a bit of cooked non-smoked wild salmon, which has omega-3 fatty acids, which is beneficial for our dog's fur and heart as well a bit of  cooked pure minced beef. Both treats have been recommended by our vet who knows our dog very well. 

Like that we make the holiday season a holiday for our dog too.

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