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5 Ways to keep your dog safe in hot weather.

5 Ways to keep your dog safe in hot weather.

Summer has arrived and for most of us humans it is a very welcoming treat. This may not be the case for your dog though. Your dog may become lethargy while trying to keep cool and we therefore need to take extra precautions to prevent our dogs from suffering from the heat. Below we have gathered 5 tips for you on how to keep your dog safe in hot weather.

  1. Walk with your dog during the cooler periods of the day, very early mornings, and very late evenings. By walking your dog during the low temperature timeslots of the day, you reduce the risk of your dog overheating. Dog walks during low temperature timeslots also protect your dog’s paws from the pain of having to walk on too hot surfaces which tarmac and / or sand likely will be from around noon until late afternoon during a warm Summers-day.
  2. Always remember to bring water for your dog. Carry a bottle of water and a lightweight bowl with you in a tote, when out and about with your dog. Offer a little water in a bowl, to your dog, regularly, every 20 minutes, during the dog walk. This should give your dog’s stomach time to absorb the water.
  3. Stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day or limit outdoor time during these hours and create a breeze of cool air in your house for example by using fans.
  4. Brush you dog’s coat regularly to remove any compacted fur from your dog’s undercoat. Removal of compacted fur from your dog’s undercoat will allow for proper airflow along your dog’s skin.
  5. Avoid travelling with your dog in your car on a hot day. However, if this is not possible, and you do need to travel by car, make sure your dog is not in the direct sun during the drive. Also, cool your car down before placing your dog in the car. Ensure your dog has access to water throughout the drive.

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