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maltese dog in wool sweater rose

A great wool dogsweater is probably the most important purchase of the Winter Season

A great sweater for dogs is probably the most important purchase of the Winter Season because it will help your dog with keeping warm during cold times, and many breeds who lack an undercoat e.g. short-haired dachshunds, Maltese dogs, Bichon Havanese dogs, Chihuahuas and Bulldogs will need this help. Likewise most older dogs also benefit well from wearing a sweater during cold times as their coat loose its thickness with age. 

When I shop for a sweater for my dog, I always look for a pure wool dogsweater, since wool has many similarities with a dog's natural coat. Moreover, a pure wool dogsweater has an insulating effect due to the lanolin the pure wool dogsweater contains and the lanolin makes the wool dogsweater moisture repellent. On top of this, a wool dogsweater is naturally soft, just as a dog's coat, so most dogs do like to wear wool.

I have never stuck to one particular trend or look but I have always gravitated towards foundational pieces which will date well, and where the quality will hold. Styles that are so good they will definitely come round again.

For me this simple, timeless wool dogsweater from tadazhi is exactly such a piece and I am happy to say that my dog loves it too.

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