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vet nurse with dog on her lab

Holistic vet nurse

Lilo is a Norwegian veterinary nurse living in London. She qualified in medical laser therapy in 2011 before she continued to study veterinary nurse in 2012 with in-depth studies in nutrition and rehabilitation. In 2013 she qualified in Reiki first degree and in 2015 she completed her postgraduate diploma in Chinese nutritional therapy. She is a member of the IAAT and RFVS. Lilo treat a variety of issues from post-surgery rehabilitation to maintenance of mobility, animals with arthritic problems, sore or injured muscles, skin conditions and allergies. Her dedication to holistic health combined with her long experience and excellent nurturing and caring skills gets her patients back to their healthy equilibrium. See her thoughts below on why it is so important.

I believe in the philosophy that ‘well-being’ is a state that affects our body and mind, and that in order to be well – to be happy and healthy – we need to nurture the two in tandem. This is just as important for us as it is for our dogs. A holistic approach is a way of working with nature, rather than against it. To use food as medicine. My aim is for our dogs to be happy and healthy, and with tools like nutrition and laser therapy – we can support our dogs to build the strongest foundation possible.
We see the same lifestyle related illnesses in our dogs, as for us humans. Studies has shown that choosing real foods, not processed ‘food like’ products is key to nourishing the body´s tiny workers (the cells), this way we give them the tools they need to repair, strengthen, support, clean and do all their daily duties to maintain a strong immune system for optimal health and well-being.

Not to forget: Happy gut; happy mind. There’s a strong and proven link between the foods we eat and our happiness. The gut is where 90 per cent of the serotonin, the ‘feel-good hormone,’ is found. Serotonin affects how your dog feel, act and sleep, as well as depression and anxiety are all associated with altered serotonin levels. It is believed that the gut bacteria can both, directly and indirectly, influence these levels, so choosing to feed your dogs gut real foods, not processed ‘food like’ products is a great way to begin nourishing the microbes that help regulate our serotonin

Lilo has a dog on her own, Samba, and he was in fact the main reason why Lilo started her journey to become a vet nurse. Samba Suffered with poor health and immune system. He had chronic ear inflammation, nail root inflammation and just generally poor health. After seeing a number of vets who couldn’t help - Lilo finally met a holistic Vet who helped me treating the root cause and change his diet. After months of working with this vet Samba was free from the inflammations and Lilo was convinced that she needed to learn more about this, and have since then become a Vet Nurse, laser therapist and nutritionist.



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