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Linn med hund

A Day in the Life of Dog Mom and Entrepreneur Linn Bertram, owner of the famous Brostræde IS

Businesswoman Linn Bertram certainly has her hands full being the owner of three busy ice-cream shops, keeping up with a part time job, as well as being the mother of three children and a sports woman. Notwithstanding all these activities in July 2023, Linn decided to add a dog to her life, a dog she named Leo. Meet the energetic woman who seems to be able to juggle it all.

We met Linn for coffee in her home in Hornbaek, sharing her daily routine, her dedication towards her businesses and her love for her adorable dog Leo, who’s mother is a mixture between a bichon Havanese and a Coton de Tulear. 

Born and raised in Hornbaek, a seaside resort town on the north coast of the Danish island of Sjaelland, reminds Linn throughout the year of holidays, sandy beaches and ice cream. 

Linn who is originally educated as a teacher, decided, when her youngest child was three years old, that she wanted to create something for herself. She wanted to start her own business, and the kind of business she wanted to start was an easy choice. During her childhood she had been inspired by her mother, who owns to ice cream shops and since Linn often helped in those shops, she already had most of the knowhow within the field.

Linn opened her first ice cream shop in Gilleleje in the year 2014, followed by one in Tisvilde in year 2017, followed by the acquisition of Brostræde IS in 2020 where they make their own waffles. All, while keeping her salary job part time, taking care of her children, and training for the marathons.

Tell us, how do you make ends meet?

I am a very structured person, good at balancing family life with business life. My husband is also part of the business, and he is now operating the ice cream shops in Gilleleje and Tisvilde. Like that you could say we, besides from our children, have a project together which we both dreamed off.

Also, it is not the entire year we are busy. The main period is from March to September. And I no longer run marathons, I only run half marathons now, Linn explains.

So, you do have time to take time off to recharge?

Yes, we always go on holidays when the summer holiday season had ended. We all love to travel. Travelling together, mean new experiences for us to keep for the rest of our lives.

How has it impacted your life to having Leo enter the family?

Well, in our everyday life, not so much. We are good at helping each other out in the family. When we wake up in the morning, I let Leo out in the garden to pee and then after having dropped of the children, Leo’s Dog Dad who also happen to be Linn’s husband is taking him for a walk where he can sniff about.

Then again around lunch time Leo is taken for a walk and when I come home early afternoon, I take Leo for a longer walk in the woods or at the beach. Sometimes even together with my mother who lives just around the corner. She has a Labrador; Leo loves to discover the woods with.

And then of course there is the evening walk, after we have had dinner. Usually, it is me and my husband who takes Leo for long walk. This is very relaxing for us all, where we can talk about whatever we want and of course also discuss the business if needed.

When we return from the evening walk Leo stays in the living room with me to cuddle and when I go to bed, usually around 10 pm, Leo enters the room of his big sister where he spends the night.

We have not had many awake nights because early on, Leo learned how to use his pee pad during the night if necessary.

When we go on vacation, our grandparents take care of Leo. But of course, sometimes our grandparents vacate with us and then we must use the dog pension for Leo, luckily it is a very good one.

If you should give some advice about work life balance, what would it be?

Listen to the people close to you.

Create stability and shared values with them.

Remember to reflect on what it is you and your family want to achieve and how to prioritize your common resources.

Be present in every moment and prioritize your time for the things you want the most.

Then I believe you will be able to realize yourself and create the life you truly want.

Linn Bertram, the dog mom, and entrepreneur truly sets an example for how to live your life to the fullest. She is an inspiration to us all.

Discover Brostræde IS here.

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