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A Day in the Life of Dog Mom and Entrepreneur Sara Giese Camre, founder of Cam Cam Copenhagen

A Day in the Life of Dog Mom and Entrepreneur Sara Giese Camre, founder of Cam Cam Copenhagen

Businesswoman, mother of two, and dog lover, Sara Giese Camre, is taking the kids industry by storm while demonstrably embodying her mantra: “love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Meet the inspirering woman whose innovative spirit combined with an undying love for creating harmonious environments for our little loved ones gave birth to Cam Cam Copenhagen, a poetic upscale brand for kids, focused on everything from small everyday essentials to furniture meant to last a lifetime.

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Sara always had a soft spot for aesthetics. After acquiring her master’s degree in architecture from Royal Danish Academy, she first embarked on the classic journey for an architect working for several of the highly acknowledged Danish architects, it was not until later in her career Sara decided to turn her loving passion for aesthetics into her own brand Cam Cam Copenhagen.

We met Sara for lunch in Copenhagen sharing her daily routine, her dedication towards her business, and her love for her adorable dog Flora, a beautiful springer spaniel.

I start the day with an early morning walk with my dog Flora in our local area on Frederiksberg. Both Flora and I love mornings.

When we get back to our house, I make myself ready to go to the office, where meetings normally start to run from 9:00 am. I do no longer bring Flora with me to the office, since we do have employees who prefer that the office is a dog free zone. Therefore, unfortunately, I do not see Flora before late afternoon when I get back from work.

Luckily for Flora, Sara’s daughter is back from school and home early in the afternoons and she enjoys very much to take Flora for nice walks around the local area before Sara arrives back home.

I love to go to the office and be effective and get a lot of things done, there are always many decisions which must be taken. Together with my design team, I spend hours discussing and designing options for new prints. I also spend quite some time on reviewing marketing materials and have meetings with our head of sales on various topics, such as for example reactions to our various collections, including prints and well our furniture line Cam Cam Copenhagen Junior collection.

After an inspirational day at the office, I head home around 16:00 pm. I no longer sit in the office late and this is also the way most of our employees prefer to work. Flexibility and then we may work a little in the evening.

When back at home, I am firstly greeted by Flora, and I cuddle her before I start helping my children with their homework also while checking in on how their day has been. Then I start to prepare for dinner, my daughter usually likes to help with the cooking, and it is a great way for us to bond. If I am lucky my son will set the table.

When my husband (who also happens to be the CEO of Cam Cam Copenhagen) and my children’s father is back home, we have dinner together and we try not to talk business and include our children in the conversation and listen to their day.

After dinner me and my husband take Flora for a long walk. This is also a good and relaxing time for us to discuss the business, if needed, and usually there is always a thing or two which need to be discussed.

Unending dedication, perseverance, and love for aesthetics have contributed significantly to Sara’s success. Passion-driven entrepreneurship is Sara's key to a well-lived life.

However, the lights are normally turned out by 22:30.

Sara Giese Camre, the dog mom, and entrepreneur, truly sets an example for aspiring entrepreneurs, affirming that with determination and a deep passion, you can indeed turn your dreams into reality and still have a family.

See the universe of Cam Cam Copenhagen here.

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