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27. mar. 2022

Support your dog's immune system written by Lilo the Holistic Vet nurse

Your dog's immune system is important for the well-being of your dog. Read here about foods you can add to your dog's diet to help support your dog's immune system.

12. jan. 2022

Et helt liv med hunde

Lene er en rigtig hundeelsker. Siden hun var 17 år og frem til den dag idag, har hun næsten uafbrudt haft hund.

13. dec. 2021

Make the holiday season a holiday for your dog too

We love the Christmas season with its festivities throughout the week and feasts among good friends and family, but all these festivities could be a bit overwhelming for your dog.

18. nov. 2021

Holistic vet nurse

Lilo's dedication to holistic health combined with her long experience and excellent nurturing and caring skills gets her patients back to their healthy equilibrium. Tap to see her thoughts on why it is so important.

11. okt. 2021

Living with dogs

I had my first dog when she was just 10 weeks. Little did I know that a dog could awake such caring feelings in me. She was and is impossible not to love. Tap to read more about how tadazhi started.
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